Bamboo flooring is an excellent environmentally-sensible alternative to hardwood floors or carpet.
The material's natural qualities of durability and structural stability ensure it's reliability in a variety of applications. With 6 different options from which to choose, bamboo is an option that is hard to refuse.

So, why buy our bamboo vs. others? There will always be some places on the Internet and Big Box stores where you can buy bamboo for $2/sf. Bamboo is a manufactured product. Just like furniture, you get what you pay for. If you buy bamboo at $2/sf there is no possible way that product can be made with the same, Eco-Friendly binders and finishes as the products we sell. Likewise, the base bamboo stock that is used is likely the b-grade materials that are sold in Chinese open market.

We do not promote ourselves as a liquidator of lumber or our products as "blow out" specials. We have no intention of liquidating or blowing out anyone or anything.

Our products are constructed to last, and not make you sick. We have been in business for 11 years selling exclusively these high-quality products at competitive prices. We are not the fly-by-night online business which is here to make a quick buck and take off. We are an established business who knows about bamboo and about quality. We still offer our products below the cost of conventional wood products of similar quality, but have made the decision to offer a high quality product for long term sustainability of both our business, and for the benefit of our customers.

Pricing: Average $4.00/sq. ft. depending on quantity and construction ordered. Volume discounts available.

Natural Fibrestrand Woven

Carbonized Fibrestrand Woven

Natural Vertical

Natural Horizontal

Carbonized Vertical

Carbonized Horizontal

Handscraped Walnut Colored - Wide Plank

Handscraped Chesnut Colored - Wide Plank

Tigerstrand Fiberstrand Woven


Natural Distressed Carbonized Strand Woven *SPECIAL ORDER*


Unfinished Fiberstrand Bamboo

Unfinished Bamboo

Natural Fiberstrand Woven Solid Click-Lock Floating

Carbonized Fiberstrand Woven Solid Click-Lock Floating

Natural Vertical Engineered Click-Lock Floating Natural Horizontal Engineered Click-Lock Floating Cabonized Vertical Engineered Click-Lock Floating Carbonized Horizontal Engineered Click-Lock Floating