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Recycled Aluminum Tile, Brass Tile, and Decorative Sinks FAQs

What makes recycled metal sinks unique? Each bowl or vessel is hand-cast in North America using 100% recycled aluminum or brass. Natural variation in shape and color from sink to sink is to be expected and attributes to the overall beauty and craftmanship of the product. Brass sinks will show patina change over time.

Does the sink need to be sealed? No. Our recycled metal sinks have all been sealed and treated to prevent against corrosion from water and soap scum buildup.

How do I clean my sink? Use a gentle dish soap and water. Depending on the overall use of the sink will determine if and how often it gets re-waxed. Sinks can be refreshed with any paste wax.

How do recycled metal sinks compare to other metal sinks? When compared on price, our recycled sinks are priced competitive with similar products on the market and also contain recycled content. Most of the sinks are in stock – ready to ship.

What finishes can I have my accent tiles cast in? Any four of the aluminum or the brass finishes are available in the accent tiles. You’ll often find that many of them showcase two finishes in one tile. For example, glossy and sandblasted.

Where can I use the metal accent tiles and liners? Metal tiles are most commonly used for kitchen backsplashes or decorative wall applications such as bar fronts. You can use them practically anywhere though–options are only as limited as your imagination.

How will metal tiles hold up in a salty, humid climate? We offer an optional treatment to tiles bound to tropical destinations such as Hawaii. This will seal the tiles against corrosion from the salt water.