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Recycled Glass Tiles FAQ

Why use recycled glass tiles? Waste from construction sites was by far the largest component of our waste going to landfills last year. By using materials destined for landfills, we can divert some of the waste into usable materials.

How do recycled glass tiles differ from ceramic tiles? Our glass tiles provide a translucent surface with a depth not found in ceramic tile. Glass tiles are impervious to water which makes the ideal for countertops, backsplashes, showers, and landscaping.

How durable are recycled glass tiles? ASTM Test Results: C373-86 Water Absorbtion: .03%; C648-84 Breaking Strength 420 lbs.; C501-84 Abrasion Resistance Index: 137.5; c1028-83 Coefficient of Friction; .95 dry .27 wet.

How are the tiles made? The recycled glass is collected, crushed, mixed with metallic oxides, tiles are individually poured into molds and cooked at high temperatures.

How do I know what size or colors to order? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail with your job specifications and design ideas. Colors, size, and styles can be found in our products section.

Is there any warranty for recycled glass tile? Glass tiles are guaranteed to be free of breaks and chips and should be inspected upon receipt. If product is broken or chipped, you should contact us immediately for replacement. It is the responsibility of the installer to check for breaks or chips prior to installation. Glass tiles are otherwise supplied “as is,” and are without warranties of any kind whether expressed or implied. It is best to order a sample prior to ordering to know what to expect from the tile.

How is the pricing compared to other tiles? Because of the manual labor involved in producing each custom-made tile, recycled glass tiles are priced premium to tile products found at major hardware and tile retailers. Pricing starts at $1.75 per tile.