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Metal Tiles FAQ

Can metal tiles be used for floors? Yes. Metal tiles may be used for the entire floor or simply as accents to your wood, ceramic, or stone floor.

Can metal tiles be used over radiant floor heat? Yes, but be careful! Follow your HVAC specialist or builder’s advice for maximum safety and efficiency.

Where can I use metal tiles? Metal tiles are most commonly used for kitchen backsplashes or decorative wall applications such as bar fronts. You can use them practically anywhere though–options are only as limited as your imagination.

What about metal’s conductivity with electricity? Yes. Excercise caution when installing around outlets, so no exposed electrical wire touches the metal tile you are installing.

Do you grout these tiles? You can choose to grout or not. The tiles have fairly square edges, so installing close together is a possibility. A standard gray or pewter grout will help grout joints disappear, while a black grout will offer contrast to the metal tiles.

How will metal tiles hold up in a salty, humid climate? We offer an optional treatment to tiles bound to tropical destinations such as Hawaii. This will seal the tiles against corrosion from the salt water.

How do metal tiles compare to other tiles? When compared on price, our recycled aluminum tiles are often 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of their counterparts and certainly less expensive than most other metals or stainless steel tiles available in the U.S.

Can metal tiles be used on countertops? Yes. You can use larger format tiles like 12″ x 12″ size to have fewer grout joints. We do not recommend cutting directly on recycled aluminum tiles, as the metal will scratch from such acitivities.