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Reclaimed Wood Flooring FAQs

How will my wood arrive? Our reclaimed wood flooring is sold tongue-groove milled with all nails removed. We typically sell unfinished product, but also have some prefinished options available. The wood will arrive on a truck in bundles strapped to a pallet.

How can I finish my floor without losing the character? Old world finishes like Tung Oil are an excellent option for Doug Fir or Heart Pine floors. Other floors may be lightly sanded (not all the way to remove denting) and then refinished similar to any other hardwood floor.

How do these floors compare in price to other wood? Reclaimed wood is typically a bit more expensive than non-reclaimed wood. The price reflects the extra labor that is required to retrieve the wood, clean it, re-mill (if needed) and make ready for re-use.

What are the benefits of using reclaimed wood? Reclaimed wood is often sourced from structural materials, so the wood is very dry, dimensionally stable, and clear. The beauty of the natural grain of Oak, Maple, Doug Fir, Heart Pine are unmatched by immitations. If you are adding onto an existing floor, reclaimed wood is often the best match to maintain the integrity of an existing design.

What is sustainably harvested wood? Wood that is sourced from forests that are managed by owners who practice sustainable forestry.