Recycled Glass Tiles

We offer over 160 different colors in our recycled glass tile color palette. Click on the photo of the individual tile to see available sizes and pricing for that tile. Tiles are sorted and priced according to a series number which is next to each color name. The color palette is also available for viewing when you order samples with our online sample cart.

Wintergreen Seaglass 1867

Matte Green 209

Seafoam Glossy 131

Seafoam Seaglass 167

Silver Sage Seaglass 1868

Silver Sage Glossy 1819

Dupioni Glossy 533

Dupioni Seaglass 540

Washed Teal Glossy 508

Washed Teal Seaglass 542

Greek Blue Glossy 506

Aquavida 401

Blue Moon Glossy 1815

Blue Moon Seaglass 1864

Blue Teal Glossy 103

Blue Teal Seaglass 139

Turquoise Glossy 1812

Turquoise Seaglass 1861

Columbia Glossy 106

Columbia Seaglass 142