Recycled Glass Tiles

We offer over 160 different colors in our recycled glass tile color palette. Click on the photo of the individual tile to see available sizes and pricing for that tile. Tiles are sorted and priced according to a series number which is next to each color name. The color palette is also available for viewing when you order samples with our online sample cart.

Sky Glossy 132

Sky Seaglass 168

Washed Greek Blue Glossy 532

Washed Greek Blue Seaglass 539

Powder Blue Glossy 504

Powder Blue Seaglass 553

Seaglass 217

Baby Blue Glossy 1813

Baby Blue Seaglass 1862

Monet 210

Resevoir Blue 409

Blue Jeans Glossy 102

Blue Jeans Seaglass 138

Big Blue 402

Royal Glossy 502

Royal Seaglass 552

Blue Marble 404

Periwinkle Glossy 503

Blue Bubble 403

Pacific Glossy 507