Recycled Glass Tiles

We offer over 160 different colors in our recycled glass tile color palette. Click on the photo of the individual tile to see available sizes and pricing for that tile. Tiles are sorted and priced according to a series number which is next to each color name. The color palette is also available for viewing when you order samples with our online sample cart.

Pacific Seaglass 541

Periwinkle Glossy 128

Periwinkle Seaglass 164

Glacier Glossy 112

Glacier Seaglass 148


Mouse Gray Glossy 524

Spring Blue Glossy 505

Spring Blue Seaglass 538

Ash Glossy 525

Obsidian Seaglass 550

Light Heather Glossy 119

Light Heather Seaglass 155

Slate Gray Glossy 1802

Slate Gray Seaglass 1851

Dark Heather Glossy 108

Dark Heather Seaglass 144

Black Glossy 101

Black Seaglass 137

Obsidian Glossy 530

Smoke Glossy 133

Smoke Seaglass 169

Dirty White Glossy 109

Dirty White Seaglass 145

Snow Glossy 134

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