Recycled Pebbles FAQS

What colors are available? Our transparent, pinto-bean shaped glass pebbles are currently available in emerald, cobalt, ice blue, amber, orange, and clear. Our crushed glass mosaics are currently available in Series 500 glass colors including Antique Green, Surf, Pacific, Dupioni, Obsidian, Stoneware, Cocoa and Dolomite.

How are they sold? We sell the recycled glass pebbles by the pound. The pebbles weigh approximately two pounds for one square foot of coverage (12" x 12" space). Pricing is $10 per pound, so $20/sq.ft. Crushed glass mosaics are mesh-mounted on 12" x 12" sheets for $20/square foot.

Where can I use these? Pebbles may be used indoors or outdoors, in wet or dry areas, integrated into concrete, or used standalone as landscaping material.

Are they sharp or slippery? No, and No. The pebbles have been fire polished to have smooth edges, similar to pea gravel. Once grouted, a floor coated in these pebbles is no more slippery than a conventional glass tile floor.

How do you install the pebbles? Installation methods vary by application. In a shower pan for example, a base of epoxy mortar may be trowelled onto the shower pan and then the pebbles may be dumped into the epoxy and pushed level with a grout float. In a wall application, some installers may affix the pebbles first to a backer board on a flat surface and then mount that backerboard to the wall. In other applications, the pebbles may be added directly into a concrete mixture for use on countertops.

Can I use these for a commercial application? Of course, the pebbles may be used for a variety of commercial applications such as use in signage (see our photo gallery for examples) or backlit feature walls or bar backsplash areas. Because of the flexible nature of the material, custom design work is very feasible and uses are only limited by the imagination.