• Eco-Friendly Flooring

USA-made, recycled clay and cement tile

For those clients who find glass a little too fancy or modern—and metal a little too cool, we now have the perfect solution.

From reclaimed glazed brick slices to recycled cement hexagons to a potpourri of stoneware glaze-type colors—we hope that our selection inspires design and encourages our clients to play with different sizes, shapes, and textures that these handcrafted tiles offer.

The authentic, USA-made tiles are far from "faux". If they look old, that is becuse they are! They are all recycled. There is nothing like the real thing. Whether you are creating a cozy nest like those found in the south of France, or re-habbing an apartment in Manhattan with industrial, modern flair--the raw, elemental nature and simplicity of these tiles will afford you a playful palette to create a design that is uniquely yours.