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Cooped up during COVID–A Case for Cork flooring

July 14th, 2020 | Posted in: News

As we spend more time cooped up in the house these days, it is getting pretty obvious that we generate a lot of clutter, dust, and overall debris everyday. Especially those of us who have children at home–it is down right ridiculous how much litter and chaos can happen with the kids locked down for 8 hours at a time. For those of us fortunate to hire out some of our cleaning, we have also put that on pause to minimize the number of people into our homes.

So, we take cleaning matters into our own hands and try to create a new playbook for how the household will run. (that lasts about 1 day). We realize that dust clings to everything and is constantly being generated by the members of the household. All of the dust has sparked up everyone’s allergies, leading to COVID-like symptoms. The end result is that you are working harder than ever, your family is sacrificing human interaction, and all to be locked down in a dusty home.

Cork has been here all along, waiting for its moment of glory. One of the key features of cork flooring is that it is anti-static. This is a very important attribute. When we walk about in our lawns or on the streets, and then enter our homes, we shed dust and debris from the moment we enter the home. Even if we take off our shoes at the door, we carry around bits of the environment and introduce it into our nest. With conventional LVT vinyl flooring, laminate, or carpet, the floors produce a static charge, so those unwanted contaminants are magnetically attached to the floor. Even with our best cleaning efforts, the force of the static floor works against us. With a cork floor, since it is anti-static, dust and debris can fall to the floor, where we can wipe it up with a damp mop, sweep, or vacuum.

Cork is the floor you want if you have household members with allergies and otherwise compromised immune systems. It is really that much easier to keep clean than any other floor. You don’t need to be a professional cleaning person to get your house clean.

So, if you have a COVID-like cough, but its from the funk generated in your home rather than COVID itself, your household situation may be negatively affecting your health, and you might benefit from our cork flooring. It has a proven track record for durability and performance and is the sensible flooring choice for these tough times.