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Eco-Friendly Flooring—at your service

July 1st, 2014 | Posted in: News

When we decided to redesign our company web site, I thought it was about time to add a blog. Being a hands-on, get dirty and talk about it kind of a flooring lady, I often resist some of these new electronic forms of word transmittal. I have since found out, that is may be useful to document some of the epiphanies we have had and make them available to the masses. Many of the issues and ideas we discuss in this business are shared among several of our clients. Hopefully we will be able to inform, inspire, and unravel your flooring queries with our blog posts.

What to expect:

We get lots of questions about how to select tile colors and grout colors for specific installations. While some of our selections are based on basic color theory—most of our selections are based on a combination of elements. We don’t always arrive at the final selection for you, but usually we have done a good job at unraveling the issues and removing some selections through process of elimination. In our blog posts, we will often post ideas for how we are inspired by color palettes found in unexpected places.


Pets, pets, pets. For over a decade, we have fielded questions and concerns regarding how pets have affected and will affect our flooring. We use our extensive experience to offer tips and tricks for choosing the best flooring for your lifestyle and preserving it’s beauty in the future.


As a leader in the eco-flooring industry, we keep bringing forth new ideas, innovative products and creative uses for our product line. We use our blog posts to identify trends in our industry and spotlight new and unusual materials as well as new ways of customizing current products.

Our clients look in many places to get educated about the products in our range. We take pride when we hear, “ I wish I would have called here first.” You can expect to receive the straight scoop about our products. We are not interested in selling products to people who are not sold on them or for whom they would not be a good fit. You want to have your 10 children ride BMX bikes on your dark brown cork floor? As much as we would like the sale—we’ll have to tell you to either downsize your brood, or consider another floor.

Consider us the flooring triage help center. If you are looking for a healthier solution for your floor or just need to makeover your backsplash, get in touch.