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Mixed Media Melange

August 15th, 2014 | Posted in: Process

When we hear the words “mixed media,” it usually refers to works of art, and that’s exactly what we create at Eco Friendly Flooring.

A few words about our backsplash design process….

Since we started business in 2001, we have been trying to get this whole business of mixing media in our tile designs. In fact, we felt so strongly about it that we funded a starter business called “Mixed Media Mosaics,” around 2006. There was so much crossover between that business and Eco-Friendly Flooring that we felt we should merge, rather than split our energies. We work with our customers and their designers to put together a mix of materials which will ultimately become their functional piece of art.


image00Typical scenario:

  1. Customer has a piece of drywall to cover in their kitchen backsplash.
  2. We discuss what is their “vision”for the space and any other objectives they have for the backsplash. Do they need to add some bling to the kitchen? Do they need to update the space to reflect other more modern changes to the kitchen? Do they need to make their all-time favorite color more omnipresent in the food prep area of the home? Do they need help relating new stainless steel appliances to the space? Are they prepping the space for sale? Do they need to restore a vintage tile look? Did they just buy a home, and now need to make their “mark?”
  3. Once we sort out the design landscape for the kitchen—lighting (or lack thereof), countertop, appliances, we marry this together with the design goals (noted above), and start pulling tile.
  4. We encourage our customers to surf online or look in magazines and design books for designs or color palettes which suit their style. We’ll use these concepts also to come up with a palette.
  5. We will select from recycled metal tile, stone tile, recycled glass tile, terra cotta tile, and porcelain.
  6. Then we start to play.

image01Not only do we have several hundred ways to mix and match our different media and tile, but now we have an actual mixed media tile—where sustainable Mesquite wood is integrated into our recycled aluminum tile. All of these tiles are hand-made from recycled materials and are hand-cast. This means that they are not a thin layer of metal wrapped like a casing over a cheap ceramic tile. The aesthetic of this tile evokes a vibe of modernity. You could go Craftsman, Mid-Century Modern, or simply Eclectic artsy . It could be installed on backsplash areas, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, or even commercial projects. This is no look-alike tile that can be found at online liquidators or cheap tile shops—this material is exclusive. We are currently taking tile sample pre-orders for our official product launch in October, 2014. Please feel free to order samples to experience first-hand how amazing this material is.

If you are considering doing a tile project and want to consider mixing tile media, please get in touch, and let’s play!