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What’s the big deal about recycled Quartz Countertops?

April 3rd, 2019 | Posted in: News

A lot. Whereas in the 60-90s laminated countertops were all people installed for countertops, now the mid-range consumer’s countertop options are greater and more accessible.

With an average price of $2500, quartz countertops are now very competitive with granite tops. The least expensive tops we see are typically around $1600 and the most expensive around $8500. This is Wisconsin pricing with Wisconsin sized kitchens.

The color/pattern options are really stunning. Whereas the average consumer had to pay upwards of $100/sf for a concrete countertop in the early 2000s, now we offer a palette of about 20 different shades of “concrete” looking quartz countertops. This product offers insane durability with the simple, modern look of concrete. Some of the tops come with a honed finish to knock of the shine as well.

It doesn’t take an expert researcher to see that marble-looking countertops are by far the hottest design trend in kitchen countertops in years. Genuine marble is really vulnerable to staining and chipping so would not be a good option for most households with children or where folks cook with curry or red wine. Thankfully, we offer a range of over 25 different finely ground quartz tops with different shades, levels, patterns of veining to meet your criteria. Because the design trend is so strong, countertop slab suppliers have found economies of scale and are often offering at least a few of the “marble” versions at deeply discounted prices. THIS IS WORTH CHECKING OUT IF YOU ARE IN THE MARKET.

There are lots of bullet points found on the countertop manufacturer literature–outlining the amazing attributes of their quartz tops. This stuff is real. Even in my own home, we have a quartz top in the main food prep area of the kitchen. The kids put pans of boiling water on it, we drop curry, wine, candy—you name it. It never stains, scratches, or warps.

Why not granite? To each his own. For me, I think most granite tops remind me of a headstone. I just cannot do it. Plus, granite must be sealed to prevent staining, and it can scratch. Pricing may also be an issue. It just doesn’t have the same clean and modern feel of the quartz tops.

That’s it. There is so much more to be said about recycled quartz countertops, so if you are local to the Madison, WI area and have an interest, please give us a call and we’ll talk over the options. We have hundreds of samples in our Madison, WI showroom as well. We do not sell countertops 3 hours or more outside of Madison, but everywhere else is fair game.

Give us a call. It’s a different experience than your typical flooring/countertop shop.